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Welcome to our new and unique platform in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, connecting private companies interested in raising funds with accredited and institutional investors.

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Frisimos develops modular, agile and flexible production lines for the cable assembly industry

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Theranica (www.theranica.com) is a Prescribed Digital Therapeutic (DTx) company developing disruptive digitally connected drug-free wearables treating idiopathic pain diseases. It’s product for migraine, Nerivio (www.nerivio.com ), has FDA and CE clearance for the acute treatment of migraine in patients 12 years old and above.


Oxitone is a digital therapeutic solution that combines AI-integrated continuous data analytics and advanced FDA-cleared and CE certified multi-parameter biosensors to implement complex poly-chronic disease challenges at home. We generate and transform millions of continuous medical data points into actionable insights.
Oxitone technology is enabler for continuous remote patients monitoring

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חברה ישראלית פורצת דרך שפיתחה טכנולוגיה יחודית מצילת חיים המאפשרת ניטור רציף מרחוק של חולים כרוניים מחוץ לבתי החולים.


תרניקה מפתחת ומשווקת מוצרים אלקטרוניים דיגיטליים לבישים נטולי כימיקלים לטיפול במחלות כאב אידיופאטי, כמו מיגרנה ופיברומיאלגיה. מוצר הדגל של החברה, נריביו הוא מכשיר לביש, מאושר על ידי ה FDA ותקן CE האירופאי, לטיפול בהתקפי מיגרנה במבוגרים וילדים מעל גיל 12.



a vertically integrated Israeli limited company founded in 2017, operating in the U.S., E.U., and Israeli Hemp & CBD markets.

19,500,000nis from 43 investors

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חברה העוסקת בפיתוח מוצרי CBD חדשניים משלב הגידול עד השיווק והמכירה, למגוון סגמנטים בשווקי ארה״ב, האיחוד האירופאי וישראל.

Private companies

Fundit in collaboration with the Stock Exchange invites companies to explore the possibility of raising funds and registering in TASE UP, a unique system that grants investment access to large accredited and institutional investors, while keeping the company private.

The companies continue to operate as private companies and are not obliged to publish a prospectus and regular reports. After listing the company's securities, liquidity is made possible for the company's shareholders.

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We make exclusive investments in private companies accessible to you through recognized and supervised systems (by the
Securities Authority).

As accredited investor, you will now have access to a variety of unique investments, traded in a designated system available to accredited and institutional investors only.The securities will be registered for trading in the TASE UP system and will receive an identification number (ISIN) so that they will be displayed in any securities account and other information systems, as well as traded through the standard trading system of the Stock Exchange.

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