TASE UP - Investors

The new platform by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, in cooperation with fundit, is designed for trading by institutional and accredited investors, from Israel or outside it.

fundit is the leading digital fundraising and investment platform in Israel.

Companies that register to TASE UP are private companies interested in raising funds from institutional and qualified investors, however, they do not conduct IPOs, they remain private and are not obliged to report under the Securities Law.

The TASE UP system shares the same infrastructure of the Stock Exchange's trading and clearing systems, therefore, it is accessible and recognized by institutional investors.

Which investors can use the platform?
  • A corporation whose equity exceeds NIS 50M
  • Financial institutions
  • Venture Capital 
  • Accredited private investors - as defined in the Securities Law
  • An investment advisor or investment marketer buying on his own behalf
What would investors gain?
  • Direct access to investment in private companies through the Stock Exchange's recognized platform.
  • Liquidity and ability to sell the security to other investors authorized to trade in the TASE UP platform.
  • Identifying a security number (ISIN) and presenting an investor's holdings in the bank account, similar to any marketable security on the Stock Exchange.
  • Registration, clearing, and operation of payments as marketable security on the Stock Exchange.
  • Exemption from withholding tax on interest payments to foreign investors.
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